We are your local Midtown florist, offering professionally designed fresh flower arrangements for all occasions with outstanding customer service in the heart of NYC.

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We proudly offer the best floral services in all of Midtown, with a full range of professionally-designed fresh flower arrangements suitable for all occasions in New York City.

Flowers in the Heart of the City

With a convenient location just off of Fifth Avenue, Columbia Midtown offers a large variety of single flowers, bouquets, floral arrangements and other live plant needs to serve as the perfect accompaniment to your special event or day. We are proud to have served for years, delivering professional service and full-service European-style floral arrangements from our headquarters in the heart of Midtown.

How to Order

We value better ways to serve our customers, and currently offer reliable and secure online ordering and delivery for quick and efficient service. For other customers, we also are happy to accept orders or queries by telephone, fax or email. Our experienced staff, with a combined total of decades in the florist business, will work with you to create the perfect floral arrangement, potted plant or other gift.

Our Experts

While some New York florists can honestly claim that they used train floral designers to create their arrangements, Columbia Midtown only hires florists who have demonstrated both a high level of competence as well as passion for the business. Columbia Midtown florist also features a dedicated Wedding and Special Events Department, where experienced experts are standing by to help work with customers to create the perfect celebration of their special day or event.

How Are Flowers Prepared?

Many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the beautiful and professional bouquets and professional arrangements that we have created for them over the years, but confided that they don't know much about the process. Ordering, paying and then receiving gorgeous fresh floral bouquets is a pleasure, but how are flowers actually prepared? Columbia Midtown employs experienced flower screeners, who know which types of flowers are currently being grown in which environment in a wide range of countries all around the world. Some flowers are grown in New York City while some are brought in on special flights from distant countries overseas. After the highest-quality flowers have been sourced, arrangers step in to carefully prepare and sculpt bouquets and other floral arrangements for their customers.

A Wide Range of Flowers to Choose From

A quality florist is only as good as its range of fresh-cut, beautiful flowers. Columbia Midtown is proud to inform their customers that they carry a wide range of flowers with both vibrant colors and gentle pastels. Roses, as always, remain a popular classic, Columbia Midtown is proud to offer roses in many different colors and shades. Orchids, hydrangeas, lilies, daisies and hyacinths are other popular choices, and Columbia Midtown usually includes the necessary starter pot and growing materials once the plants have matured enough to be safely transported and re-planted.


We welcome our walk-in customers to pick up bouquets and floral arrangements at their convenience. For other customers, Midtown Columbia offers delivery throughout the entire city. Orders placed online, over the phone or via fax will be filled promptly, ensuring that customers receive their fresh floral arrangements as soon as feasibly possible.

Flowers for a Special Occasion

Sometimes it seems like there is hardly a single special event in our culture that cannot benefit from flowers. Flowers are often used on happier occasions such as wedding anniversaries, coming of age parties, prom dances, and romantic couplings. Flowers have a storied history in our culture of sending nuanced statements of both love and friendship.